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Le Voyage-The Journey of Happiness only @ Waffle Hut Dehradun

                                          “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” Albert Einstein
The above quote rightly fits for 26 year old, Shubham Chawariya, the owner of a leading and upcoming food chain in India; Waffle Hut Started in 2017, Waffle Hut serves freshly baked eggless waffles, the perfecton-the-go snack at small kiosks in malls and on high street locations. Who can resist the smell of freshly baked waffles And could any thing be better than being able to grab one to enjoy on the go. The tantalizing aroma of waffles served in the lanes of a Metro city enticed Shubham to bring this concept to hometown Bhopal.

Waffle as a concept attracted him. Knowing that Bhopal didn’t have a good dessert alternative besides ice cream, which had been around for quite some time now, he thought of introducing waffle in small towns. And with this thought, Waffle Hut brings to the table something that is fresh and crispy. People can even customize their waffles. Melted chocolate and the aroma of fresh baking never really fails to attract people. Yet the thought of starting an entirely new business for Bhopal brought a little bit of fear along with itself. But the confidence and the ideology of patience in business opened up new paths for the upcoming entrepreneur. The idea when brought to the practical lands formed a great story in itself. Waffles were loved by local customers and it also gave a motivation to move to other lands across the city. In a period of 3 months, Shubham managed to open his Second outlet in Bhopal by the name “The Frozzen Hut” which  attracted the customers again by another lipsmacking dessert, that is Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream This became a big hit again as it was served in unrelated flavours like Chilli Guava, sita kafal, etc. The craze couldn’t be diminished as on the successful completion of The Frozzen Hut,The sin lady,that is Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream in Charcoal flavor was launched. Shubham, an engineer by degree holds a great interest in innovation related to food which made him try his hands combining various food items to come up with something new at each phase.

The biggest hit was the Bun Ice Cream Sandwich, which was launched for the first time in India by award winning food blogger Mudra Keswani. The unique blend of ingredients in the waffle batter and chocolate prepared by Waffle Hut forms their USP and is helping them convert manifolds in the food industry. Waffle Hut offers a very friendly franchise plans tarting from 3 Lakh  and ranging upto 9 lakh. The flexible franchise plan attracted many prospective franchisers and it  was on the franchisee send to choose the town for setting up of the new outlet. With an impressive offer from the city of mountains, Dehradun, without any delay then it was accepted by Waffle Hut as on their very first visit for taking a look of the proposed location, Dehradun was no less than an attraction. The impressive ,educated and rich crowd added to the pros of opening up Waffle Hut outlet in Dehradun. Nestled a midst the Doon Valley inthe state of Uttarakhand, is a very popular hill station that beckons solo travelers, families and couples a like. This became the statement and the process started super soon. With in fifteen days of the decision the outlet become operational. The warm waffles with the cold vibes of Dehradun form a great match. The price of waffles being pocket friendly became an added feature to the freshly baked warm waffles. The aroma left the customer to order another another one as just one is not enough when it comes  to a waffle by  Waffle Hut.The Doon Outlet is growing at a very fast pace which confirms that the city of nature’s beauty has accepted it with open arms.

Waffle Hut provides more than 10 variety of waffles topped with ice cream and fresh fruits and not the forget the delectable chocolate which is prepared in house in Bhopal and transported across the country. To have a fully satisfying meal, Waffle Hut also offers French Fries with 6 different kinds of sauces, mango rabdi, sitafal rabdi, soft serve ice cream, Bubble Ice Tea, Sandwiches, Pizza, Shakes, Cold Coffee, musk melon blast, tornado potato twisters, sizzling brownie,etc. It’s sure that the scrumptious taste and extensive menu makes it attractive for the customer to visit again and again. Waffle Hut aim sat quality rather than quantum. As it goes by its tagline, Keep Waffling’! They are waffling not only amongst the young crowd but their full fledged menu caters to taste of people of all age group. “We look forward to open up 50 outlets across India by 2020″,says the owner.

Waffle Hut Dehradun
Doon Zone, 138 /345, Rajpur Road, Jakhan, Dehradun
M:  084470 00847

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