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Dastkar Delhi Monsoon Mela 2019

Dastkar celebrates the coming of monsoon with its first-ever monsoon mela taking place at the beautiful Nature Bazaar Venue, Chhatarpur between 22nd August to 2nd September’19.

Dastkar is known for delivering the most authentic craft experiences and this year, we are celebrating over 80 types of crafts at the Monsoon Mela. Visitors can expect not only a wide range of products to choose from, but also be prepared to take back with them an enhanced understanding of the crafts sector through our planned activities and interactions with the craftspeople themselves.The monsoon mela will display a range of home decor and furnishing products, lifestyle accessories, handwoven textiles, natural fiber crafts, garments and a lot more.This year we bring to you Dastkar containing an exclusive collection of products, carefully designed and curated by the Dastkar Staff in collaboration with select artisans.

Along with a wide variety, some of the featured crafts visitors can explore are,
Lambani Embroidery – Lambanis, often known as ‘Banjaras’ are the semi-nomadic tribe of India, often found in the South and Central India.
Sujini Embroidery A prominent craft practice hailing from Bihar, Sujini is characterized by a running stitch, and was a craft carried out by the women for most household practices.
Mirror work from GujaratThe iconic mirror embroidery from Gujarat is shadowed from no keen eye in today’s world. Classic bright and colorful stitches encompassing the small mirrors embellish garments create an exquisite range of textile items and many other crafts.

With the increasing awareness of environmentally conscious lifestyle choices of our visitors, we bring a collection of eco-conscious products specially crafted using upcycled waste, utility products created with natural fibers and garments created using recycled fabric. Some of the designers working towards conscious living are bringing in products created using Recycled Fabric, Eco Dyeing, Handmade Skin, and Hair Care Products, Homemade Pickles, and a lot more.

About Dastkar
Started in 1981, Dastkar affects the lives of more than 1 lakh artisans every year working with over 600 crafts groups across 29 India States. We strongly believe in crafts as catalytic tools for social and economic empowerment and earning. Dastkar’s role is to help craftspeople find the opportunity, confidence & resources to become self-sufficient. Our Bazaars and Exhibitions provide craftspeople with exposure and direct interaction with the urban customers, enabling them to gauge market trends and customer demands for themselves.

Dastkar Monsoon Mela 2019
Where : Nature Bazaar Venue, New Delhi
When: 22nd August 2019 – 2nd September 2019
Timings: 11 AM- 8 PM
Entry: Rs. 30

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