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Akhilesh Pahwa: Setting the Trends Right Away

The face of fashion, Akhilesh Pahwa has defined the vogue yet again for the millennial-male with his premier men’s wear collection. This collection was introduced at the well-renowned luxury brand Ravissant, located in New Friends Colony, New Delhi. The designer never fails to live up to his name. Each entity of the collection is an act of sheer brilliance. The air of flamboyancy about the style and the creativity of designs are admirable for every eye that falls on it. The impeccable designs make a man look both chivalrous and gentle at the same time. This creation just defines elegance, the right way. The designer has his presence across continents with stores located in New Delhi, Melbourne and Dubai.

                                                                         Designer  Akhilesh Pahwa
Akhilesh Pahwa is a well-known name in Luxury Men’s and Women’s wear. After numerous sleepless nights and many years of immense hard work, he decided to step into the world of fashion and has placed himself on the apex of graceful season collections. Akhilesh has received huge appreciation for his glamorous ensembles using traditional colors,craftsmanship, textures and embroideries. According to Akhilesh, inspiration has no time. Sometimes he pen down his ideas on a sheet of paper at 1 in the night and sometimes when he wake from a cat nap at 2 in the afternoon. It’s the zeal of never ending dreams and immense toil that surely reflects in his every finished product.The Indian Fashion Industry is evolving from emerging stage, and being part of this transformation brings a sense of creativeness and inspires us to create better and better for our clients. Our approach over the years has been not just to become another fashion brand for people but to provide a complete fashion solution to our clients.

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