The Seal of Surya by Amritanshu Pandey

The Seal of Surya by Amritanshu Pandey

He did not stop to observe his kills, nor to wipe blood off his face. I am a King, he reminded himself. I must be the best among my men, the most fearsome warrior that Solar blood can produce.’Amritanshu Pandey is the new name to writing. Born in Varanasi and raised at different places, his debut novel is a piece of art. The launch was a subtle affair with prominent people gracing the occasion. The book was launched at the Juniper Habitat World, IHC and published by Pirates, this novel is a must read.L-R_Amritanshu Pandey,Umesh Upadhyay, Justice (Retd) Mukul Mudgal, Wajahat Habibullah, Dr Adish -e-Aggarwala ( President - ICJ)The Seal Of Surya was launched by Justice (Retd.) Mukul Mudgal – Chairperson, BCCC, Mr. Umesh Upadhyaya – President, News Network 18, Mr. Wajahat Habibullah – Former Chairperson, National Commission For Minorities, and Dr. Adish C Aggarwala – President, International Council Of Jurists. Whilst speaking at the launch Amritanshu said, “Any new author benefits from the encouragement and acceptance, and at the launch I was fortunate to have both in abundance. I am deeply humbled, gratified and thankful to all those who attended

He further added, “”When it comes to Indian history, it is important to separate the plausible from the mythological. The Seal of Surya examines the story of Ikshvaku- Aryavarta’s first king and founder of the Suryavansha, to draw a historically plausible speculation on the early tribes, cities and dynasties of ancient India.”

The Seal of Surya now on the shelvesThe Seal of Surya takes you back to a time of kings, tribes and war. Long before Rama and the Ramayana, there existed a boy king Ikshvaku, who sowed the seeds of monarchy in India. It is a heart-wrenching tale of a boy who becomes king, and not just any king but the mightiest of the Suryavansha dynasty. Amrit’s debutant novel is a great saga of war and all the emotions that a king goes through. The writer gives attention to not just the novel’s protagonist Ikshvaku, but also to each secondary character. He makes sure that his debut novel is anything but boring! Mukund Sanghi (Publisher- Pirates Publishing House) said at the launch, “Amritanshu has imagined here our past, a tradition richer than probably any other nation – our Indian Game of Thrones”


You can read more about Amrit’s debut novel at his website