The India By The Nile Festival 2015

The Embassy of India in Egypt presents “India By The Nile – A celebration of contemporary and classical music, dance, theatre, visual art, film, food and literature.3-24-2015 12-44-06 AMThe flooding of Nile has not just been a natural cycle but even considered an important event in Egypt since the early times. It is celebrated by the locals as a holiday for 14 days. Were it not for this Holy River, it would have been difficult for the Egyptian Civilization to develop. So when the Nile used to flood and gradually recede, it left the land fertile for the fresh season of planting, therefore blessing millions of lives. The contribution of this seraphic river is such that it is now playing a role of leading the two countries i.e. India and Egypt to the path of being “Fidus Archates”.3-24-2015 12-28-50 AMIndia by the Nile” the idea of showcasing the Indian Culture in Egypt was conceived in 2013 and the event was billed as the largest foreign festival in Egypt after the 25th January 2011 Revolution. The contribution of the Indian Embassy along with the spirited association with the Egyptian artists made the event a glorious triumph. From Bollywood music to theatre, from classical dances to visual art, from workshops on being human to food &literature, it was a jim-dandy jamboree. The Bollywood gang performed a flash mob at the airport leading to an unmatched Media Coverage. It was not just the overwhelming vibe of festivity, Complementing the competent was also a part. The Indian Embassy honoured eleven Egyptian and Indian women for excellence in their respective fields and debates over patriarchy, freedom of speech and women’s rights led to bonds between people of the two nations. The response to this affair was so exceptional that the organizers have their hands full preparing for the 2015 edition. It commences on the 30th March and will be inaugurated by our country’s star, Amtiabh Bachchan, the 72 year old is the guest of honour and the nation is eager to experience yet another spectacle of 19 days of euphoria. India by the Nile has not only just provided a platform to the artists of both the countries but to the countries as a whole hoping that this will lead to an abiding bond between both the nations. The future that is being made today will only make the alliance sound barring the enormous geographical distance.

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