The Capital`s Chinese Fine Dine Destination

The Capital`s Chinese Fine Dine Destination

Blending customary styles, essences, ingredients, preparation and presentation techniques from Chinese culture, with the practiced hand of the highly specialised team of chefs, China Doll presents its patrons with an exclusive reinterpretation of Contemporary Chinese Cuisine.

1613926_697258166997919_2408679330657853285_nThe cuisine at China Doll primarily concentrates on Chinese food traditions. Changsha of Hunan, Guangdong and Sichuan are the more prominent of the cuisines served at the restaurant. Garnished well with a bill of fare dedicated completely to an ample selection of the ever omnipresent favorite ‘dimsums’, the menu is best described as an ideal illustration of the mélange of fares that takes visitors on a flavor ridden journey through the prime epicurean regions of china. Relish the titillating fare from the succulent Hunan steamed pork to the flavourful sliced lamb Changsha style or the savoury steamed fish Hunan pickle chilli or the dry pot vegetable washed down by a selection from the exhaustive wine list.

The ample showcase of flavor is complimented well by the contrasting décor elements that adorn the Restaurant and the Terrace Lounge at China Doll. The restaurant area flaunts a harmonious blend of Nature’s primary elements. Elegantly carved wooden furniture, richly upholstered in hues of imperial gold, dot the floor surrounded by water bodies that spring to life, copious amounts of natural light that spills into the space through the glass walls dominating the walls that cocoon the area, the retractable ceiling that withdraws willingly to allow gushes of fresh air… The adequate bar, near the entrance to the space, stretches seamlessly towards a generously appointed ‘step-out’, edged with an end-to end water fountain and complete with a sit out that is illuminated by the soft caress of several candles and brought to life by vibrant yellow bolsters and cushions, setting the tone for the décor prevalent on the Terrace above.

10410185_775240919199643_9072687289862668225_nThe China Doll Terrace Lounge is a classic example of a well needed addition to the city’s night out landscape. Walking past a circular laser lit feature bar, visitors are welcomed by an L-shaped seating arrangement cluster, comprising of comfortably sized wooden couches set off by the luminescent yellow leather cushions, geometrically adorning the wooden floor expanse of the area. The break between each seat-setting is provided by uniformly proportioned water bodies that are up-lit. The Terrace Lounge integrates chic contemporary stylized elements with an exhaustive array of beverages and a live DJ belting out the tracks every night. Simply sip a cocktail accompanied by a nibble from the vast appetizer menu, while watching the setting sun or wear that dress you’ve been dying to while partying the night away as this venue is sure to soon play host, to the party lovers of the capital.

According to Restaurateur Yuvraj Kohil (Owner China Doll), “We at China Doll, have exercised tremendous attention to detail when it comes to our food and the aesthetic of the space it is served in. Rather than conform to the clichéd look of a typical oriental restaurant, that might project a overpowering dramatized ambience, we chose to create a space where the cuisine is tantamount. Like our cuisine, the elegant design of the fine-dine venue and the contemporary feel of the Terrace Lounge above represents the rich emulsion of flavours and styles prevalent in the orient making it both urban and chic.’’

China Doll
3rd Floor, D – 14, South Extension – 2, New Delhi-110049.
Ph: 011-46075888, 46076888

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