The Bulldog Sight : Unique bites, Classic Décor and Quality Cocktails

The Bulldog Sight : Unique bites, Classic Décor and Quality Cocktails

Bulldogs as the name tells us is never mistaken for the other breed, they stand alone and stand out everyone. This new place in the market will surely be the next big destination for nightlife and dining out standing tall and spread across 5000 sq. ft. in the ever favored culinary hub of Hauz Khas Village.

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The décor has been done tastefully, with every element executed with thoughtful distinctness. The three levels each distinguished with their own characteristics like funny and creative write ups and different music on different floors provides the much needed stimulation and excitement for everyone and every spirit. The divergent lounges like the bed lounge with lower seating offers an experience which is an epitome of comfort whereas the seating in the sofa lounge is high toned with the orange lights that reflects on the black and the terrace overlooks the village which is well lit in a white and blue contrast with the chesterfield furniture add to the element like a bounty.
They serve the “World Cuisine” in the most adequate way and our startling concept of glorious looking and unbelievably tasty array of hot dogs will leave you amused. The selection of hot dogs from Big Bad Dog to Bite Sizes from 22” to 5” can delight you illimitable. Well, Merry making does not stop here, Bulldogs have introduced an extraordinary drinking game for the first time in Delhi called the, “Drink Exchange” A guest driven all day long happy hour where the prices decrease or crash and one can buy drinks at literally rock bottom prices making it the Happiest Hours. Also, the dare to cocktails like the doggie style, the bulldogger 69 which has nothing less than 10 – 12 spirits could turn out to be malignant.

Altogether  they offer you the perfect fusion of firewater, ultimate nosh ups and breathing space with a swanky yet relaxing experience to unbend all your menace away.

T – 6B, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Floor, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi-110016
Ph:  011-43524216, 9810088667

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