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You Are Born To Shine : Motivation Qoute by Ishneet Sahani

Perish or PerformI

Is it my time to be fired? Will my business perish?

Disorientation , ataxia, turmoil in our minds.
Every where people are anxious and are in dismay. They are in distress to face the challenges which will be accompanied by the pandemic ( Corona Virus). We are letting the Corona Virus not only conquer our body but also our minds.

But why the hell are we crippling our minds. We have to be optimistic enough to recreate our businesses, think of new affordable options. It’s time to change, God is knocking the door to revamp our existing profiles. You all must be thinking that for a writter it’s so easy to say . However, I am into world’s luxurious business of diamonds,Polki & Gold. As per the statistics it will be the most affected area. But should we sob and sit quietly?

We have to sail wisely to survive against the storms inorder to reach the shore. We have to be more conscious for our actions . We have to think of more productive ideas to thrive.Its time to reality check. We need to sit back meditate, talk to our inner self , most importantly we need to recognise and enhance our strengths. Be open for negotiation, welcome the change and blend youself as per the market .

Think different and be different ,Createa demand.  Thatonly be done if you have something unique or something essential to serve. Exploit this time to find a path, even the acacia tree set traps against Giraffes to protect themselves.

If you think you dnt have anything Exclusive then polish and update your existing skills. Read success stories of entrepreneurs,mentors, scientists, astronomer etc. Start againing that extra knowledge. Sleep everyday smarter.

A diamonds needs to be polished before it’s studded in Jewellery to fetch it’s worth.

We are a product of our thoughts.
So get out of your comfort zone , shake ur self , reinstate the confidence to live life as winner

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