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Riwayat Celebrates Life and Creates Surge of Euphoria with its 1st Edition of Folk Festival

“When you dare to dream, and package the same with the right thoughts, emotions,  actions and intentions, it becomes true as well” Bindu Cherungath, Festival Director of Riwayat Folk Festival conveyed in her opening statement. Approximately 600 people witnessed the 1st Edition of Riwayat Folk Festival on 28th July, 2019 at Dr. Ambedkar International Centre in Delhi. Bindu also added that life is to celebrate and what a fabulous way to celebrate life through our rich culture, art and music.

Guest of Honour Muzaffar Ali, a renowned filmmaker along with Sandeep Marwah, Director of AAFT, Shameem Hanfi, an Urdu Critic, dramatist and a proponent of modernist movement in Urdu Literature, inaugurated this folk festival by lighting the lamp. Muzaffar Ali said, “Festival like Riwayat becomes possible, when it comes from the depth of the heart.” Poonam Girdhani, host of the evening, introduced the very word Riwayat and talked of creating legacies through this.  One of the major highlight of the evening was the felicitation of Om Prakash Nagar with ‘Lokrang’ award’. He is a resident of Bahadurgarh has payed clarinet since last six decades.  His contribution to the field of music especially in ‘nautanki’ is commendable.
               Mahmood Farooqui, Darain Shahidi with Dastan-e-Chauboli

People witnessed folk tradition to surgical strike in story-telling
Post inauguration, it was time for Dastangoi. Mahmood Farooqui and Darain Shahidi narrated the story of ‘Dastaan –e-Chouboli ’ in their style. The audience witnessed the story starting from the folk traditions of Rajasthan to the ‘surgical strike’ in modern times. Their dastan was the adaptation of the story of Vijay Dan Detha. Their satire generated lot of humour. Their storytelling was amazing.  This form of story-telling was new for many people sitting in the audience. Many people saw this style for the first time. The audience got carried away with the way Mehmood Farooqui and Darain Shahidi narrated the folk story. In the story, they hit on the myths of caste and also on the blind faith. The objective of story-tellers was that the questions should strike people and their conscience should tell what is true, what is right and wrong.

Naghma Sahar with Swanand Kirikire and Manoj Muntashir on Folk in
Indian Cinema

Cinema is the new folk art of India: Swanand Kirkire
Next in the segment was a Panel Discussion with Swanand Kirkire and Manoj Muntashir. Lyricist Swanand Kirkire said, “Cinema is the new folk art of India. Folk art is for the people and it cannot be seen separately.” Not only this, he even called film songs as new folk songs. He believes that there is an exchange between folk and cinema and there is a need to keep it going. Lyricist Manoj Muntashir accepted that when he finds no way then he returns to folk. Nagma Sehar played the role of moderator in this discussion. Talking about the relationship of folk and cinema, names of Naushad and OP Nayyar were also mentioned along with Raj Kapoor and Prakash Jha. Many songs of Teesri Kasam became part of this discussion. Swanand Kirkire called the filming of ‘Lali-Lali Dolia’, the best.

                                                Folk Singer Mame Khan with Team Riwayat 

      Muzaffar Ali felicitating Om Prakash Nagar, a clarinet player since six decades

There is no need to say that in the concluding session, Manganiyar Mame Khan and his team took the programme to new heights. Mame Khan said, “Riwayat has taken a huge initiative by organising this kind of Folk Festival and in coming times, its importance should increase to a level that every folk artist should wait eagerly to give their performance.” Mame Khan sang padharo mhare desh, hivde me jage…, yaar mera pardesh gaya, sanu ek pal chain na aave, mein tan haara… man hara and dama dam mast kalandar and audience swayed to his songs. Mame Khan enthralled the audience with his performance of famous song chap tilak rang dini. The team of Mame Khan had the mixture of basic Manganiyar artists on one hand and modern musical instruments on other hand. Mame Khan was trying to create a new effect with this kind of ‘fusion’. What a mesmerizing performance by Mame Khan.

So friends! Keep moving with us and join in the Surge of Euphoria of Riwayat.
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