Meet Manu Singh- Combining the power of Youth and Inter Faith Dialogue

Meet Manu Singh- Combining the power of Youth and Inter Faith Dialogue

Manu Singh- Combining the power of Youth and Inter Faith Dialogue

Manu Singh who played a key role in the India Against Corruption movement and many other similar crusades for the betterment of the country is proactively brewing a youth movement harnessing the power of various faiths, with an objective of creating an egalitarian and harmonious society. While Manu is connected to a plethora of issues including environment, human trafficking, conflict management and more, his heart is in bringing religious leaders together for a constructive dialogue towards a truly secular country.


Manu founded his organisation Sarv Dharm Sansad and started Sarv Dharm Samvaad in 2008. He started inviting leaders from various religious communities. The agenda of such platform was to go beyond the dogma, sectarianism, superstitions and hatred that religious communities have for each other. Many organizations and individuals have been a part of his noble endeavor including King Abdullah Center for Dialogue, United Nations, Art of Living, URI, Parmarth Niketan, Center for Media studies, Jamiet-E-Ulema-E-Hind, Darul Uloom Deoband, World Council of Arya Samaj, SGPC (Sri Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee)etc.


His organization also took the initiative to establish a successful mediation between the Dera Sachcha Sauda and Akal Takht in past. Leaders including Father Domince Emanuel, Jain Sadhvi Aruna, Maulana Jameel Ilyasi and others were also a part of this initiative. Manu is passionate about bringing this change and feels that while the change is slow to come, it is not impossible. And more importantly, his work is not limited to just organising such events. Manu also uses his poetry and theatre as a tool for activism and performs to motivate and inspire young crowds. Currently he also imparts courses pivoting around holistic self development for The Leadership Institute, Australia and proactively helps in the curation of the world acclaimed Lake Doc International film Festival in Nainital.

Before he dedicated himself to work with various religious communities, Manu has also been involved with the Arya Samaj community in India and served as the secretary of the youth council. When asked about the most moving moments in his career of social activism and justice, Manu said, “The moment that is permanently embedded in my memory is the one when we made peace negotiations with the maoists in Chhattisgarh for the release of 5 policemen who were abducted. It was an emotional seesaw for me and I must confess that I was petrified when we were in the liberated jungles….But when the hostages were released and they could hug their families, I felt doing something worthwhile in life.” Manu has also worked extensively for animal rights- A staunch supporter of Vegetarianism he believes that a nation can only evolve spiritually when we have respect for all forms of life. In 2014 his cyclonic movement was instrumental in the shutting down of a proposed slaughterhouse in Gurugram and again in that year he along with other notable animal rights activists was pivotal in putting an end to the heinous animal sacrifice at the Gandhimai festival of Nepal. His path has been laced with several challenges during his journey- However, he is no mood to stop doing what he does. In his words “One’s own spiritual journey is all about practicing equanimity and inner balance within and crusading for Justice and Peace without.” Manu is now working with the United Nations to take his work to next level and is bringing together more leaders and influencers to create a better impact.

“I intend to keep adding value to whatever I am involved in. Be it environment, animal rights, human trafficking or inter-faith dialogues. I see no reason to put any good work in any box. A good deed is a good deed. As simple as that.Says Manu while concluding his conversation with us.

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