Kavi Ek Rang Anek – a unique program combining poetry and music

Kavi Ek Rang Anek – a unique program combining poetry and music

4-23-2015 3-42-44 PMIndia Habitat Center’s Amaltas Hall witnessed a unique program combining poetry and music. “ Kavi Ek Rang Anek “ organized by SAKSHI NGO and conceived and presented by Dr Mridula Satish Tandon on 14 th April 2015. Eminent and world famous Poet Lakshmi Shankar Bajpai, showcased for the audience his poetry in eleven different formats viz. geet, ghazal, doha, haiku, savvaiya, kshanika, mahiya, ghanakshri, triveni, muktak and free verse . His poetry dealt with contemporary subjects and everyday situations relating to life with the common man. The beauty of the language and the sensitivity of the poet’s thoughts won the audience’s hearts. Mr Bajpai spoke of the urgent need to preserve the various forms of poetry which form India’s rich cultural heritage .
Some of Mr Bajpai’s ghazals were composed and sung by the highly acclaimed and popular ghazal singer Shakeel Ahmed. Ahmed’s compositions were raag based and infused a vibrancy and fresh colour into the ghazals. The audience too joined in and sang the refrain of “ Khoob naare ucchale gaye, Log baton mein taale gaye”. Shakeel Ahmed proved his virtuosity with the heart wrenchingly beautiful “ Poora Parivaar, ek kamre mein” which brought alive the plight of the urban middle class.

4-23-2015 3-42-28 PM
Dr Mridula Satish Tandon, president of SAKSHI NGO said that it was an urgent need of the times to revive an interest in India’s cultural heritage and to bring it to today’s audience in a setting and form which they can easily understand and relate with. The audience had many eminent and distinguished personalities among them: Padma Bhushan Subhash Kashyap, Padam Shri Alok Mehta, Dr H K Kaul , Thesaurus writer Arvind Kumar, Film maker Loveleen Thadani, Writer Sheela Jhunjhunwala, Painter Sangeeta Gupta, DG AIR Rajeev Shukla, etc.