The Literary Mirror Announces Web Series with Story To Screen 2020

In the current scenario of COVID-19, when everything is going haywire, negativity has become a constant companion even for the sanest individual, it becomes imperative to spread a positive message across the society. And what could be better than the literature which has always spread positivity among the society! But when the current scenario also seems to grasp the literary fraternity, The Literary Mirror have announced a Web Series  by organizing the coveted Story To Screen 2020.

In the words of Nitish Raj, Editor-in-Chief, The Literary Mirror;This coveted event aims to bring the best work (Book/Story) on to screen picked up from the grassroot level”. He firmly believes that this will not just give the young authors to showcase their story/book, but also will give them the desired motivation and impetus to work for the betterment of society.

Story To Screen 2020 is graced by the presence of eminent jury members, which include the popular Tv actresses; Cheshta Mehta & Priyanka Tiwari; Bollywood actor & director, Rakesh Chaturvedi. It has also been honored by the presence of fashion director, Kapil Gauhri; the popular artist, Vishal Chaubey along with the director, Amar Sah and eminent author, Shirsh Srivastava.

Story To Screen 2020 is inviting Book/Story for nomination where after the evaluation from esteemed jury members, the Winning Book/Story will be adapted into a Web Series.

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