Delhi – City of Histroy

Delhi – City of Histroy

Delhi is a city that has been wiped numerous times with new imperial cities sprouting accompanied by plunders of dynasties and rulers who fought battles just to conquer it as their pride and Glory. The city was born out of a complex past that defines the present state of its dynamism, beauty and ramifications. It is amazing to witness the coexistence of both the ancient and modern world in one city that showcases a diverse culture as well as traditional values and yet absorbing modern interventions making it worth exploring, be it the city in itself or the people enriched with variant characteristics.tourist-information-250x250
Some important no:

Police – 100
Fire – 101
Ambulance – 102
Centralised Accident (Trauma Service) – 1099
Police Headquarters – 23319661
Railway General Inquiry: 139/1330/1335
SMS Inquiry: 57886/ 58888
Blood Banks:

  • Apollo Hospital: 26925858
  • Indian Red Cross Society: 23711551
  • LNJP Hospital: 23232400
  • Rotary Blood Bank: 29054066-08

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