All New Entry to Indian Beer Industry – Danke !!

All New Entry to Indian Beer Industry – Danke !!

Germany is know for its beer, and most travelers just love the various flavours it brings to us & our lives. So, when a New German beer gets introduced in India all we can say is Cheers !!!
DANKE” – The all new German Beer is here, We just love its amazing flavour and being a premium German beer it is surprisingly pocket friendly.


Danke White: A palatable Belgian style wheat beer with an aromatic after taste that lasts to keep your taste buds tickled. It has the eye catching cloudy haze and body that makes it the perfect wheat beer on your table. It is infused with spices and a slight hint of peach that gives an amazing aftertaste. In short it is a beer to fall for!

Danke Lager: A European lager beer that is crisp and refreshing with a smooth finish. This medium bitterness brew has a golden color and a clear body. Its perfect malt and hop balance makes it the favorite all time beer.

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