KOLAHOI – Wazwan from Kashmir

While Indian Accent moves to its new abode at The Lodhi, Old World Hospitality offers a series of culinary Pop – Ups at The Manor. First of the series is KOLAHOI – Kashmiri Wazwan, from the kitchens of Chor Bizarre. The Wazwan is a true gourmet’s pilgrimage into the realms of a cuisine and a culture that is difficult to replicate, out of Kashmir. At The Manor, we are attempting to bring a slice of it to our diners. The ceremonial Wazwan is served in intricately carved platters called ‘taramis’ as you sit on the ground on comfortable cushions or on the table. Each successive course is served leisurely, to allow you to savour its distinct flavour. The meal (over a dozen dishes) ends with fragrant Kahwah served from the ‘Samovar’ and its aroma leaves you with lingering memories of the Wazwan and of a paradise called Kashmir…

Rohit Khattar, Chairman, Old World Hospitality said, “Kashmiri Cuisine has always been our fortéand we were the first to bring it to Delhi in 1990 with Chor Bizarre. Since Indian Accent is now moving to The Lodhi,we intend bringing chefs and cuisines from across the world for these Pop Ups, the tenure of which may vary depending upon their popularity.We look forward to a new chapter at The Manor.

To begin with, it was thought that this was the perfect space and the season to showcase the traditional Kashmiri Wazwan. While Chor Bizarre also serves a selection of Kashmiri Dishes, Kolahoi will offer a more comprehensive selection. ‘Kolahoi’ was the really popular bar and restaurant a Broadway Cinema, in Srinagar. So there is a nostalgic reason for the name.


In addition, one could order a 9 course Kashmiri tarami (individual Thalis) served on the table: Rs. 1295 plus taxes per person or savour a 12 course traditional Wazwan (ground seating).This can be done for groups of 4 and more at Rs. 2900 plus taxes per person.

Restaurant timings: 12:00 noon till 2:30pm for Lunch and from 7:00pm till 10:30pm for Dinner
Table Reservations: 01143235151
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