Art & Culture

CREATIVE LEAVES I&II International Art Exhibition 2017 Delhi

A event of group exhibition of painting, drawings, digital art and photogrphy organised by ‘ASMI Initiative’ founders Juhi Kumar, Anjali agarwal and Sonjaye Maurya.  The event will be open  from 10th to 17th of Dec 2017. In this participants from all over the country and abroad are displaying their talents in various forms of art.

Odissi recital TANTU by Odissi Production by Dancer & Writer Madhur Gupta

‘TANTU’ – Tradition Strung In a Thread Choreographies from 1961-2016 Tantu is coming together of 3 generations of artistic sensibilities Tantu is a unique concept presenting the premier of choreographies by Gurus Sharon Lowen, Madhavi Mudgal and the performer of the evening, Madhur Gupta, framed by classics by the major architect of


KEEP INDIA BEAUTIFUL – SUCCESSFULLY HOSTS ITS 1ST EVENT, ” RUN TO CLEAN IN NEW DELHI”. Keep India Beautiful is a non-profit start up working towards making and keeping India beautiful “Run to Clean” is a voluntary run combined with functional training Runners were armed with garbage backpacks and gloves, and were cleaning

“Literature and Ideas Festival” by Delhi Gymkhana Club

“Literature and Ideas Festival” organised by the Delhi Gymkhana Club (DGC), will open from 12-14 February 2016 at the Delhi Gymkhana Club, 2 Safdarjang Road, New Delhi, India. This is the first of what is being planned as an annual event in the Club’s cultural and events calendar. DGC “Literature and Ideas Festival” will showcase an

Kavi Ek Rang Anek – a unique program combining poetry and music

India Habitat Center’s Amaltas Hall witnessed a unique program combining poetry and music. “ Kavi Ek Rang Anek “ organized by SAKSHI NGO and conceived and presented by Dr Mridula Satish Tandon on 14 th April 2015. Eminent and world famous Poet Lakshmi Shankar Bajpai, showcased for the audience his poetry in eleven different formats viz.

Mela Phulkari Edition 2 : An ode to Punjab

The onset of summers brings to cultural calendars a much-awaited spirit of festivities, and one such celebration of the season will cheer the quintessential Punjabi bonhomie at the Capital. As Concept 1469 and cultural theorist and art historian Dr. Alka Pande present the “Mela Phulkari Edition II”, get ready to let loose your hair, flaunt

“Anubhooti” Solo Show By Artist Harish Kumar

Every painting is a voyage into a sacred harbor and an artist who gets deeply involved will soon find it has a meditative quality to reach out to the almighty — and not just the viewers – and will feel the presence – the ‘Anubhooti’ – of the Maker. Perhaps that is the inspiration behind the works of Delhi artist Harish Kumar, who is