ATTUNE – Designer Inspired HOME Décor & Accessories store launched at Khan Market

ATTUNE – Designer Inspired HOME Décor & Accessories store launched at Khan Market

ATTUNE, the multi designer home décor, art, lifestyle and accessories store recently opened its doors at Delhi’s most sought after marketplace.

The thought behind Attune is to provide young designers a space where they are able to create, sell and earn name and fame they aspire for and well deserve. While talent will create, ATTUNE will ensure publicity for these designers with a hope that soon these designers would be so recognized and so wanted that they will launch off their own and make way at ATTUNE for new young designers. Visibility in the best market of the capital, will give these young people a push as no place else can. This will be Attune’s way of helping develop world class design and promote the idea of ‘’make in India’’ as opposed to import design from abroad.

Customers at Attune will benefit from the ever changing eclectic collection on display by the group of designers to enhance their homes. Another advantage to the customers at Attune will be the services they can enjoy of the designers to custom create artefacts for their homes. While Attune is not a charitable venture, it is also not a hard core business outfit with an eye on profit. Growth of designers and evolution of design is of paramount importance.

Attune is the brain child of Poonam Bahl and Neeta Chait. Poonam Bahl is a well-known name in the interior business market running ‘Mauve and Pink’ since 1983. Neeta Chait comes from a strong Army background and has been extensively associated with NGOs at a very large scale for almost 10 years.

The conventional design field where young designers are often prohibited, Attune is an eco-system and Launchpad for aspiring minds.

ATTUNE – Designer Inspired 
39, Khan Market, 2nd Floor, New Delhi, India 110003