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A Heritage Art Centre Showcasing Himalayan Beauty : SOHAM

Proud Owners Sameer Shukl & Dr. Kavita Shukla.

Come and feel the unsullied air of the atmosphere of Sri Chamunda Peeth Temple which was set up in 1998 in the premises of Kashi Devasthanam. Radiating divinity and power, it is an ideal venue for yoga, meditation rituals and religious practices. This place is a sociocultural place growing silently, in a dedicated manner in the field of spirituality, art and heritage conservation, and educational empowerment. It has engaged in areas connected to Himalayan heritage and general subjects pertaining to Uttarakhand. It incorporates the SOHAM Heritage & Art Centre, Sri Chamunda Peeth Temple, SHAKTI-the educational empowerment section and the DiviniTea Cafe.


Sameer Shukl and his wife, Dr. Kavita Shukla are the artists here and the proud  owners of the place too. They have been working on bringing together the cultural treasures of the Himalayas (in particular Uttarakhand) under one roof, since the past 16 years. After having traveled extensively across the Himalayas, Sameer is on a mission to unveil the hidden Himalayan treasures that have given rise to a new concept called “Spiritual Tourism” and is greatly in demand.
His wife is a Ph.D. in ‘Drawing and Painting’. She converts Himalayan spirituality, culture, and traditions into paintings. Also a qualified ‘Reiki’ master; she has helped and healed people. Scores of people have benefited a great deal from this form of cosmic healing,

The SOHAM Heritage & Art Centre showcases the Himalayan culture and through paintings, murals and sculptures and other art forms. They have displayed all aspects of Himalayan lifestyle and culture. Every nook and corner
display some art form depicting the various rituals, religious ceremonies, and festivals of the hills and the history of the region and so on. This art-centre has been developed with the aim of displaying the diversity and wisdom of the
The Himalayas in a single place through various art forms. One can see the spiritual aspect of the Himalayas dominating the art forms. One is also able to visualize the religion and culture of the tribal communities, the folklore, and the traditions through numerous objects and artifacts. The art-centre also includes an exhibition of the jewelry, traditional tools, and household goods and wildlife of the Himalayan regions. Also, very interestingly, the place is decorated in a way that gives a very regional look to the place. An attempt has been made to restore all that is on the verge of extinction viz. woodcraft, agricultural implements, musical instruments, jewellery, utensils, etc.…. giving a very ‘mountain-like’ feel to the centre.

The SOHAM museum has also launched the Pahadi Topi, also known as ‘Topli’, for men as well as women, in both summer (terrycot matty) and winter (tweed) cloths. The cap is adorned by a multicoloured strip and a ‘Brahmakamal’ brooch, which is the state flower of Uttarakhand. The cap is rapidly gaining fame and is being accepted by Uttarakhandis across all fields, including those who have settled outside India.

The SRI CHAMUNDA PEETH Temple incorporates all the prime deities praised and prayed to in the Himalayas. Apart from religion, the temple also reflects the cultural aspect of the mountains, since the Himalayas are considered to be the abode of Shiva-Shakti, and also the place of meditation of numerous saints and sages across time immemorial.His wife is also in charge of SHAKTI, A small step taken in 1999 with only 3 children. It has only grown ever since into a large family of children, specially girls. SHAKTI has completed 14 years of dedicated service. The hospitality at the venue is completed only with a short break at the DIVINITEA Cafe. It will give you the tastes of the best teas and snacks from the Himalayan region to rejuvenate your body and soul.

For Art & Nature-lovers, it’s worth to visi this museum on your next visit to Mussoorie, really a Hidden Gem.

SOHAM Art and Heritage Centre
3-Mayfair Cottage | Chamunda Peeth Temple Road, Big Bend, Bala Hisar,
Mussoorie – 248179 ( Uttarakhand)

Owned, Developed & Managed by Sameer Shukl & Dr. Kavita Shukla.
M: +91-9897241261 / +91-9897979151
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Entry Ticket: Rs.100/-


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