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Rendezvous With Entertainment King
 Dinesh Aneja ( DANJ Inc.) 


Welcome to the city of Delhi ! It is old; it is young; it is big, green & beautiful. It is up to you to choose the aspects you want to explore. ” Our aim is to make DELHI NOW, the leading city  Lifestyle & Infotainment monthly magazine for locals as well as travellers coming to New Delhi. We deliver updated information and reviews on the city , for all helpful   categories like Food, Night Out, Fashion, Happenings & Events, New in Town, Art & Culture, Places to visit, Weekend Breaks, Exclusive Interviews of  known & unknown people of Delhi, etc.” DELHI NOW magazine comes in a very handy size, easy to carry and  provides excellent information about the city. Its a perfect magazine during your stay in Delhi. While in Delhi do not forget to get a copy of DELHI  NOW or visit our website.

We hope you enjoy reading our articles and coverage and promise to bring you the latest information about the city that you want to explore to know more with us.


Team DELHI NOW Magazine
Ravinder Pratap Singh ( Publisher/Editor )